Here is an additional resource for educators to use. Kadjer describes helpful hints when students need to complete Internet research on a given topic. The poster is below, along with a Word document file to download for future use!

Researching a Topic

Here are some helpful hints when asking students to complete research on a given topic.
Taken From: Kajder, S. (2010). Adolescents and digital literacies learning alongside our students. NCTE Urbana:IL. p. 58.
  • Determine the author’s expertise on the topic
  • Learn more about the site where the page appears.
  • Check on the links from the author’s page to other websites.
  • Find out which webpages have links pointing to the author’s page or to the sponsoring organizations site.
  • Look for “pages on the Web” rather than webpages about the author or organization.
  • Determine how recently the page was published or updated.
  • Assess the accuracy of the information in the document.
  • Look for the bias in the presentation of the webpage.
  • Assess the evidence presented to support opinions or conclusions expressed in the document.
  • Check to make sure that the information included is complete and, if applicable, cited from a current source.
  • Check whether design of the site promotes the information and reflects balanced use of “bells and whistles.”

Document created by: Megan Higdon